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November 2005

At a recent meeting the Board decided to aim for a full PhD scholarship in the area of adolescent depression, to be known as The Anika Foundation Scholarship. A full PhD scholarship currently is around $20,000.00 p.a.. Working backward from a 4% dividend yield on stocks, this implies a target endowment fund of $500,000.00.
Here's where we are:

TARGET $500,000.00
CURRENT TOTAL $120,200.00
BALANCE $379,800.00


This month Citigroup has organised for The Anika Foundation to be the charity for "Movember". A number of our colleagues are looking for sponsorship to participate in a competition to grow the largest moustache (mo) in the month of November. There is a prize for the winner. The number of email pledges has been great-very moving. Very kind. So please chip in if you know them.

The "Movember" and other donations, together with a function we are planning for next year, should get us half way to the target for the full scholarship. We would welcome a corporate sponsor for the other half, sharing the name of the scholarship with The Anika Foundation.

Donations are very welcome! This is a really important issue.


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