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January 2007

On January 22 Danae (Anika’s sister and board member) spoke at the annual conference of the ‘School Nurses Association of NSW’. It was a huge success and highly relevant to the work of the 117 nurses and 1 doctor who were present. Danae is proving to be an awesome public speaker. Her speech to the nurses is now posted on the website and can be viewed here.

Our other big news of the month is that we are proud to announce that our scholarships, named:

“The Premier’s Anika Foundation Youth Depression Awareness Scholarships”

are being advertised by the Premier’s Teacher Scholarship Secretariat. There are three $10,000 scholarships, open to government and non-government schools, and one of which is reserved for non-metropolitan areas.

Our fund size has continued to grow strongly, with wonderful support from the community on this issue of youth depression awareness. We are currently at $650,000. With the function that we will hold in the middle of this year, at which the Governor of the Reserve Bank Glenn Stevens will speak, we will go through the target we need to fund the scholarships indefinitely into the future; a huge relief to the Board (and due in large part to a recent very generous donation). This year The Anika Foundation/Australian Business Economists function will be hosted by Macquarie Bank, following Citigroup’s wonderful effort last year.

Our next step is to push on with fund raising, so that we can extend the scholarships to other states in the future.

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