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October 2010

Fund raising has gone very well this year, and the Foundation is rapidly closing in on its target to fully fund all of the current scholarships we provide: the two $15,000 teachers travelling scholarships, and the Macquarie Group/Anika Foundation PhD Scholarship at UNSW.

This year’s winners of the teacher’s scholarships are:

Dan Haesler, of Emanuel School
Karen Spitzer, of North Sydney Girl’s High.

All of the Board extend their congratulations to Dan and Karen.

The current holder of the PhD scholarship, Mona Taouk, has successfully completed her first year of research under Professor Mitchell of The Anika Foundation, the Black Dog Institute and UNSW.

With respect to fund raising, this year’s Glenn Stevens event for the Foundation (his annual speech to financial market participants on current economic issues) sponsored by Macquarie Group was a huge success. The audience was our largest ever with well over 340 attendees. At the same time the Chairman has made a series of speeches and presentations on the financial crisis and the global economy in Melbourne, Sydney, London, Barcelona, Copenhagen and Paris for donations to the foundation. The fund should stand at around $1.45m once all the scholarships for this year have been paid. The target for funding out current activities is $1.6m, which we hope to achieve before thinking of further expanding our activities in the future.

While both of these fund raising channels have raised large amounts of money, it is very important to emphasise the role of contributions from school and community groups. The Anika Foundation youth depression issues are very much in the minds of high school students, and we have been chosen by some schools for their annual charity work. Most recently we have for a second time been chosen by Caringbah High School, and a cheque was presented to the Foundation in late September. These experiences are very positive for the schools concerned, helping to raise awareness and break down the wall of silence that impede helping those who suffer. The Board strongly encourages other schools to become involved.

Thankyou to everyone at Foodbowl Unlimited and Ross McPherson for their acknowledgement and donation after the Governor of the Reserve Bank spoke at their event in Shapparton.

A big thank you to everyone who has donated. Thankyou also to everyone who has increased the awareness of the issue of adolescent suicide with your peers and the work of the Foundation, these sorts of actions are often as important as fundraising.

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