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January 2006

We hope that all of our supporters and friends have had a good Christmas break, and we look forward to your continued interest and support in 2006.

In November 2005, Citigroup Australia Equites held it’s annual “Movember” fund raising for a worthy charity. Anyone brave enough can enter a moustache-growing race—and thanks to all those who were so brave—while others can sponsor them to do it. There are prizes for the bushiest/funniest efforts on the last day of the month. This year there was also a special prize for a colleague who shaved off a full beard of more than 30 years standing!

This year The Anika Foundation was fortunate enough to be the charity of choice.

It was very moving to see colleagues supporting the cause of adolescent depression and suicide—new facial hair sprouting in the most unlikely places, and waves of email pledges and messages of encouragement coming across the screens. It really lifts the spirit to see people taking action when the cause is worthy enough. In one case, a decent person outside of Equites heard about it, and started a “Movember” in the Fixed Income Department.

The Board would like to thank the over-100 people who participated in “Movember” 2005.

The funds raised were as follows:

Citigroup Australia Equity Research $3,100.00
Citigroup Australia Equity Sales and Trading $4,813.00
Citigroup Australia Fixed Income $2,870.00
"Movember" Grand Total $10,783.00

In addition, and independently of "Movember", one of our salesmen gatecrashed a client Christmas lunch to wait table for them at a restaurant on condition that they donate to the foundation. He raised over $500.00.

This year we aim to have a function in the middle of the year, at which the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia will speak to Financial Market participants and corporates as a fund raising activity for the Foundation.

As always, any suggestions about fund raising ideas are welcome. Please email us via the Contact Us page on this website.

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