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The Anika Foundation

What we do

The Anika Foundation was set up in 2005 to raise funds for the purposes of supporting research into adolescent depression and suicide. Depression and suicide have become one of the largest (but least supported) medical and social problems of our time.

$3.27 million

In Donations

$1.16 million

In Scholarships

50% mental issues

we experience will have started by age 14

19.9% 11 to 17 years

experience high or very high levels of psychological distress

1 in 10 young people

aged 12 to 17 years have engaged in self-harm

96 deaths

by suicide among people aged 5 to 17 years in 2019

Portrait of Anika

Anika’s Story

On 17 May 2004 Anika was at home studying for a major mathematics assessment for the HSC to be held the next day. Anika left letters to her parents and friends apologising and explaining to them that she could not cope any more with the pressure of the HSC, along with an issue with a friend.

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News & Events

  • The 2021 Anika Foundation fund raiser

    August 2021 Event

    On 14 September 2021 we will hold our annual fundraiser with RBA Governor Philip Lowe, supported by National Australia Bank, and Australian Business Economists.

    Due to Covid 19, we cannot hold the event live, and so instead the Foundation may run a huge interactive Zoom conference. Last year, this was quite brilliantly executed by ABE, raising $47,623.

  • Michelle Tye joins the Board

    January 2021
    Michelle Tye, Senior Research Fellow, Black Dog Institute

    It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of Michelle Tye of the Black Dog Institute (Senior Research Fellow) to the Board. Michelle is a specialist in suicide prevention research, with a focus on young people.

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