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The 2023 Anika Foundation fundraiser

September 2023 Event

Anika Indigenous Youth Cultural Exchange Report

June 2023

The 2021 Anika Foundation fundraiser

September 2021 Event

Michelle Tye joins the Board

January 2021

The 2020 Anika Foundation fundraiser

June 2020 Event

Indigenous scholarships announced

June 2019

The 2018 Anika Foundation fundraiser

June 2018 Event

Dr Philip Lowe joins the Anika Foundation Board

June 2017

Glenn Stevens' function and current scholarships

June 2016 Event

2015 Anika Foundation annual event

June 2015 Event

More scholarships announced

August 2014

WA scholarships announced

January 2014

2013 scholarship winners announced

August 2013 Event

Caringbah High School donates once again

October 2012

2012 Annual report now available

August 2012

Significant milestone reached in funds raised so far

September 2011

Winners of the Teacher's Scholarships announced

October 2010 Event

Glenn Stevens, Monah Taouk and The Anika Foundation at the annual Anika Foundation Function

July 2010 Event

Monah Taouk, Caringbah High and The Anika Foundation Newsletter

November 2009

2009 PhD Scholarship announced

April 2009 Event

2008 scholarship winners announced

August 2008 Event

2008 PhD Scholarship announced

March 2008

2007 scholarship winners announced

August 2007 Event

Glenn Stevens: "The Asian Crisis - A Retrospective"

July 2007 Event

Applicants of The Premier's Anika Foundation Scholarships in Youth Depression Awareness received

May 2007

Scholarship program announced

January 2007

Current standings of the Foundation

October 2006

Glenn Stevens: "The Conduct of Monetary Policy"

July 2006 Event

Danae Blundell-Wignall and Tate Dogan now Board members

June 2006

The Anika Foundation speaks at Ravenwood School for Girls

March 2006 Event


January 2006

Current standings of the Foundation

November 2005

New research items listed

October 2005

Letter to the community

September 2005
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