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Glenn Stevens, Monah Taouk and The Anika Foundation at the annual Anika Foundation Function

July 2010 Event

The Anika Foundation is having another successful year. The new round of teacher's scholarships is well under way, with interviews and decisions about the 2010 awards imminent.

This years annual fundraiser where Glenn Stevens talks to the financial markets on behalf of the Anika Foundation is being held on July 20, 2010.

This year the world is at a crucial juncture, with Europe in a difficult situation with sovereign debt, a weak economy and questions about what monetary policy should do. The US economy is weak and opinion is divided on where it is heading. The story in Asia is much stronger, but issues concerning overheating in some parts due to monetary policy and exchange rate arrangements pose risks. Australia is perhaps more linked to Asia and any risks that might arise there. As usual, Glenn's thoughtful insights into these issues are a must for fund managers and other market participants.

Please approach your brokers to make sure you have a place. Individuals without broker connections should contact the Australian Business Economists to book.

This year our first PhD scholar, Monah Taouk of UNSW, will say a few words about her work prior to Glenn's speech. This will give some idea about how past donations have been used.

We hope to see you there - please remember what an important issue youth depression is. By trying to identify signs of depression early, tragedies can be avoided and appropriate treatments found.

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