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Dr Philip Lowe joins the Anika Foundation Board

June 2017

2017 is going well for the Anika Foundation. Philip Lowe, the new Governor of the Reserve Bank, has agreed to join the board and to continue the tradition of former Governor Glenn Stevens in speaking to the financial community once a year as our major fund raising event. This year the event will again be at the Westin and it takes place on 26 July. Questions are coming in already, particularly as to when the buying of tables will begin.

Phil's debut Anika Foundation speech will continue in the tradition of interesting topics for economists, investors and financiers.

The other piece of very good news about the event is that it is to be sponsored by National Australia Bank, which will help enormously in making sure the funds raised go into the scholarship programs on adolescent depression and suicide.

With respect to the work of the Foundation, and with confidence engendered by Phil Lowe’s commitment, the board has decided to move more firmly into adolescent depression and suicide for indigenous Australians. This issue is an order of magnitude worse than for non-indigenous Australians, and it is a key motivation for the RBA Governor.

In this respect, the Foundation is in talks to develop a scholarship working with the University of Western Australia’s Centre for Indigenous Studies (Professors Pat Dudgeon and Jillian Milroy). The Centre has worked hard, for example, on the Government’s 'Centre for Best Practice in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention'.

These issues at the heart of what the Anika Foundation is all about. See you all in July.

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