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2015 Anika Foundation annual event

June 2015 Event

The next Anika Foundation annual event will take place at the Westin on 22 July 2015. The Governor of the Reserve Bank, Glenn Stevens will speak on current policy issues to raise money for the Anika Foundation.

Please come along to help support the funding of our Anika Foundation scholarships, and particularly if you can combine this support with an interest in the current economic policy debate. Very soon the major central banks of the world will begin to come out the other side of the huge monetary policy response to the crisis. No one knows what turbulence this may or may not bring—but Glenn’s views will certainly help you to think about the issues.

The Anika Foundation is having another very good year. We have issued more scholarships than for which we have complete funding, and the current list includes:

  • Two (annual) NSW Premier’s Anika Foundation Youth Depression Awareness Scholarships, for teachers in the front line of dealing with adolescent depression and suicide. This enables them to visit successful prevention programs abroad;
  • One WA teachers scholarship, aimed at indigenous community issues in remote regions;
  • The Anika Foundation Macquarie Foundation PhD Scholarship in Adolescent Depression and Suicide. The current scholar is Karl Andriessen. His PhD study will be on how adolescents cope with the grief of losing their parents to physical illness or suicide. He will compare those adolescents to those who have not experienced such grief.
  • A new PhD scholarship shared with the Black Dog Institute and the University of Sydney, which is to focus on research related to issues of indigenous adolescent suicide and depression in remote areas of Australia.
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