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Monah Taouk, Caringbah High and The Anika Foundation Newsletter

November 2009

Since the last update, the year has gone very well with the main highlights being:


  • Glenn Stevens spoke to financial market participants in late July, on the topic of major policy issues facing the world and Australian economy. This event is now figuring as one of his main speeches for the year. Immediately after the speech there were some major moves in market prices. That aside, the donations raised amounted to $48,000.
  • The chairman spoke to private retail investors, to fund managers and to the Australian Business Economists, all raising substantial donations for the foundation.
  • Member of the public and past supporters continued to donate to the foundation. Please remember to post your name and address so that receipts may be sent to you.

Mona Taouk

  • Mona Taouk started as the first Macquarie Group/Anika Foundation PhD scholar at the University of NSW and the Black Dog Institute. Some recent publicity about Mona, her interests and her work can be found on the site.

Caringbah High

  • This year Caringbah High was one of two Sydney schools that chose the Anika Foundation for their fundraising activities in 2009. Danae Blundell-Wignall, Anika's, sister went to the Caringbah in October to attend the school’s morning assembly. Danae spoke movingly as she accepted a cheque for $4,000 from money raised by the year 12 kids—a great effort by the school. There has been some very good feedback from teachers and parents about the occasion. A certificate of appreciation was issued to the school.

Annual Newsletter

In August the annual newsletter was sent to past supporters, and contains more detailed information about the Foundation’s activities, and is located here.

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