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Glenn Stevens: "The Asian Crisis - A Retrospective"

July 2007 Event

On the 18th of July 2007 the Anika Foundation held its second annual fund raiser at which Glenn Stevens, Governor of the Reserve Bank, spoke to financial market participants to raise money for the Foundation’s work on adolescent depression and suicide. This year the event was co-hosted by Macquarie Bank at Sydney's prestigious Westin Hotel, and of course, once again, by the Australian Business Economists (ABE). The Foundation would like to thank both Macquarie and the ABE for their strong support.

This year Glenn’s speech was entitled “The Asian Crisis: A Retrospective”. He took us back through the events of 10 years ago, and drew lessons for policy making today. The full speech can be found here. The Q&A session questions covered the Australian dollar, the forthcoming inquiry into lending standards in Australia, the implications of excessive saving in Asia, and many more. Participants certainly enjoyed the event and learned a lot about current RBA thinking on policy in the Asian region.

All members of the Board attended the function, and sat at the VIP table with Glenn, as did Richard Gibbs of Macquarie, who introduced Glenn, and Steve Halmarick of the ABE, who handled the Q&A. Adrian Blundell-Wignall, chairman of the Anika Foundation, thanked Glenn, the ABE and Macquarie, and stated:

“After all the things that happened to our family, and the huge impact it had on Anika’s brother and sister Danae and Tate sitting with the Board here today, it has never ceased to amaze me how kind and generous people can be. I want to thank all of you here today for giving something back to the community and for caring about others.”

The Foundation will have raised over $50,000.00 once all participants have paid. It was a hugely successful day.

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