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Applicants of The Premier's Anika Foundation Scholarships in Youth Depression Awareness received

May 2007

The main news is that we have had a very good response to the Premier's Anika Foundation Youth Depression Awareness Scholarships, with 12 strong applications received. The selection panel will meet in early June to consider the applications and to choose the 3 winners. It is very exciting, and we hope it will let the work of the foundation reach into a large number of NSW schools.

At a recent Board meeting it was decided that our next major milestones will be to take these scholarships to other states (become a truly national group), and to try to fund a PhD scholarship at the Black Dog Institute in the area of adolescent depression. This will require more funding, so we are urgently looking for corporate sponsors to help in this regard. Recent dramatic events in Victoria underline how devastating the adolescent depression issue can be for our young people, their families and friends. Please get in touch with us if you would like to support one of the above new functions for a period of time directly; the board would consider such direct funding with your company name or foundation directly associated (for example: The Anika Foundation XXX COMPANY PhD Scholarship In Adolescent Depression).

We are also advanced in our planning for the Anika Foundation annual mid-year fund raiser, where Glenn Stevens will talk to the financial markets in return for donations. While the date and venue is confindetial at this stage, we are expecting an even bigger turn out than the successful event supported by Citigroup in 2006."

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