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Danae Blundell-Wignall and Tate Dogan now Board members

June 2006

Mr. Glenn Stevens addresses the Sydney financial community on,

The Conduct of Monetary Policy

The first public event the Anika Foundation is holding since its inception in 2005 is one for the finance professionals. We are proud to host this upcoming event on July 13, to be sponsored by the Australian Business Economists.

Mr. Glenn Stevens, Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia and also board member of the Anika Foundation, will address the Sydney financial community. The topic for Mr. Steven’s address will be The Conduct of Monetary Policy.

Mr. Stevens will be introduced by Dr Geoff Gallop, former Premier of Western Australia. Dr Gallop recently resigned as the Premier citing depression as a primary reason. He will remind us about just how big this issue is.

Citigroup has kindly donated the venue and food, with the aim that all of the funds raised will go directly to the Foundation.

In other exciting news, the funds of the Anika Foundation have recently been greatly augmented by a generous donation from one of the global hedge funds, now listed with the increasing number of donors showing their support. This recent donation shows the financial community has resources that it is prepared to donate to worthy causes in our community.

Anika’s sister Danae, and her brother Tate, have been invited to join the Board of the Anika Foundation. The paperwork has now gone through, so welcome on board Danae and Tate.

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