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Significant milestone reached in funds raised so far

September 2011

The work of the Foundation has resulted strong donor support including the very strong attendance at the annual Glenn Stevens speech to financial markets in July, the generous donations made after speeches by the chairman in different financial forums, and generous individual support, including another very large personal donation from the Foundation's highest donating individual.

It is with great exciteement that we are proud to announce that in July 2011 we passed our funding target to support in perpetuity all of our existing scholarship programs, and we are now looking to take the work of the Foundation to other Austrlaian States (outside of NSW) in the areas of school teacher or university PhD scholarships.

It is always gratifying when a school dedicates its annual fundraising to the issue of adolescent depression and suicide. The Anika Foundation would like to acknowledge the third year that Caringbah High School year 12 students have spent the year raising money for the Foundation. We would welcome other schools too to think of the Anika Foundation for their charity work by being involved the issues about adolescent depression are discussed more openly and, as past experience has shown us, this has in fact resulted in individual students being helped within the school.

Finally, at the initiative of one of our board members, the Anika Foundation joined a Round Table on Adolescent Depression, linking up with the Black Dog Institute, Inspire, Macquarie Group Foundation, Dan Hassler (one of our Anika Foundation scholars), Beyond Blue, and Mind Matters. It was a very positive and very productive lunch resulting in a much greater appreciation of the work being done in this area and where all of the various players fit in.

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